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Rose Dynasty Raised over $10,000 for various charities and community outreaches in 2017 and 2018! We at Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc. attained our 501c3 status in 2019. We look forward to seeing who we can help in the coming years. Please keep an eye out for using a city near you! Rose Dynasty is more than just a pageant we offer many types of events and outreaches to help raise money and awareness. If you know of any charities, nonprofits, or community outreaches that could benefit from us helping them please contact us and let us know! We are a family friendly group. The shows and events we do, are child-friendly unless otherwise stated. Rose Dynasty works closely with LGBTQ+ youth, mentoring and providing a safe space spreading the message that they are “Loved, Accepted, and Wanted”


 We strive to create an environment for ALL people.

We are not a foundation for just LGBT people but for ALL people!

Upcoming Events

Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc is excited about this year’s events! We have spots for more events if you would like to help with organizing or have us help you raise money for a local Charity please contact us today!

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Momma Ashley Rose at East Ridge Highschool

Momma will be speaking at East Ridge High School's GSA

This is a private event only for East Ridge students.

Miss Rose Dynasty 2020

Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc. presents Orlando’s only family-friendly drag queen pageant, Miss Rose Dynasty Pageant. Join hosts Momma Ashley Rose and Twila Holiday (Miss Gaydays 2019) along with special guests entertainers throughout the night as they welcome contestants from all over Florida to compete for the title of “Miss Rose Dynasty 2020”. The Pageant will feature interview, creative rose presentation, evening gown, talent, and onstage Q & A portions. Each contestant will be required to pick a charity of their choice to raise money for during the pageant and through out the year of their reign. The winner will be selected by a panel of judges from the Central Florida area.

Drag Dinner Show for Puerto Rico

Rose Dynasty Foundation, Momma Ashley Rose, Eartha Quake, and Allendale UMC will be holding a drag dinner show to raise money for Hispanic Federation's disaster relief in Puerto Rico.
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Drag Story Time with Momma and Bubble

100% Family Friendly event! Rose Dynasty Foundation is partnering with Venue Salon in Lakeland Florida to host Drag Story Time with Momma and Bubble Gum!
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Drag Story Time with Momma and Bubble Gum

100% Family Friendly event! Rose Dynasty Foundation is partnering with Venue Salon in Lakeland Florida to host Drag Queen Story Time with Momma and Bubble Gum!

A message from Jason DeShazo, President

Welcome to the Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc website. I just wanted to say thank you for taking a moment out of your time to check us out.

About 10 years ago I had the chance to start helping raise money for charities in Long Beach Ca. It all started with a variety show at a coffee shop. Since then we have had the chance to raise Thousands of Dollars for charities In California and Florida. Charities for HIV awareness, LGBT centers, Domestic Violence, Soup Kitchens, Homeless, Needy Children, and Coalitions that help LGBT youth. We have done this through Dinner Shows, Drag Shows, Variety Shows, Pageants and more.

December 2017 we took a big step and registered the “Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc” as a non-profit organization in the state of Florida. We attained our 501c3 status in 2019! This is a huge step but we know there is a lot to be done! the vision can’t be fulfilled by myself. I have had the privilege to gain the support from many people.

We want to continue to support local charities and community outreaches throughout Florida and even further! Rose Dynasty is a family friendly group we desire to bring love and acceptance to all people and share with them that they are Loved, Accepted, and Wanted.

If you know of a charity or community outreach that is needing help or a cause we can help with please let us know. We are always looking to help.Please consider joining arms with us to make a difference in peoples lives, whether it’s through financial support, or coming to one of our events or even just networking and spreading the word about what we are doing.

You are Loved, Accepted, and Wanted!

Thank you

Jason DeShazo

Founder & President
Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc

Do You want to book Rose Dynasty or Momma?

Rose Dynasty and Momma Ashley Rose is always eager to get into the community and bring awareness to amazing and supportive causes of the LGBTQ community. Have an idea for an event, need Momma Ashley Rose to EMCEE, Birthday Party, Special event or Fundraiser? Let us know and we’ll see how we can help.

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