Rules and Regulations

All contestants must be 18+

To apply, submit the following:

  • A completed Pageant application (Incomplete applications will not be considered)
  • A non-refundable entry fee of $125 online before March 1,  2020 
  • No applications will be accepted day of pageant Must be registered before March 1, 2020. 

A completed online application and entry payment must be received by the Pageant Coordinator by Sunday, March, 1, 8pm EST. Applications will not be considered complete until completely received with payment.

An email will be sent confirming our receipt of the completed application and will provide further instruction about the competition.

**Important Dates Regarding Pageant**


  1. Contestants must be competing in female impersonation form, at least 18 years of age and be able to show proof of age. Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc does not discriminate against contestants with silicone or taking hormones. The use of silicone and/or hormones will not be considered in judging or scoring of contestants.
  2. When crowned Miss Rose Dynasty, winner must host/organize at least 1 Charity event representing only Miss Rose Dynasty within one year of holding the title. Rose Dynasty will assist in this event (Up to $500). The Charity event is a well thought out event and not done on a last min basis. This event must be handled fully professional and with great thought and care. Rose Dynasty Team will assist with the process from start to finish. 
  3. Winner Must attend at least 3 Rose Dynasty Sponsored events, not including the pageant. (Rose Dynasty will assist in travel expenses, not including accommodations)
  4. Winner must be present at succeeding pageant for step down and must be present by registration. Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc is not responsible for travel or accommodations for the pageant)
  5. Judging will be based on a total accumulated points system. Rose Dynasty will furnish score sheets. In the event of a category tie, high and low scores will be dropped for the parties involved. In the event of a placement tie, the highest talent score will break the tie. Pageant scoring will be done on a cumulative basis.
  6. Contestants of the Miss Rose Dynasty pageant will be judged in the following four (5) categories: 
  • Interview, 
  • Presentation, 
  • Talent
  • Evening Gown/ Q and A 
  • Contestant has the opportunity to earn extra points through the Fundraising bucket  contest
  1. Drug use and distribution with contestants and guest/performers will be prohibited and will cause for disqualification and possible prosecution.
  2. Contestants are responsible for their backstage helper and dancers. Only one helper will be admitted backstage in the dressing room with the contestant (unless otherwise approved). Everyone will be required to pay the full admission fee.
  3. Contestants must adhere to a family friendly performance/show. No sexual content or obscene language will be tolerated. Failure to adhere will cause for points deduction or disqualification.
  4. Presentation is limited to (2) minutes, and only hand held props are allowed.
  • Talent portion will be limited to five (5) minutes. No score will be added after the talent category exceeding the 5 minute limitation.
  • Prop set up and break down time for each category will be limited to a total of three (3) minutes total and will not be included in the allotted time for each category.
  • Contestants must furnish their own music for all categories. Music must be Emailed and properly labeled to: ( ) No Later than 8pm March 4th, 2020.
  • Any contestant, contestant’s helper or dancer(s) who is caught in the act of stealing, intentional destruction or tampering with another person’s possessions will be immediately disqualified and will result in the removal from the contest and venue. This may also result in legal action.
  1. The winner of the pageant will be required to sign a contract for the year of their reign before any prize winnings are received. Please make yourself familiar with the TERMS and CONDITIONS of this CONTRACT.
  2. Winner is guaranteed $1000 in cash. ($900 at crowning and $100 at step down) 2 paid bookings in the time of holding the title valued at $50 or more each (details are subject to change except Cash and Crown)
  3. Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc has reserved the right to disqualify anyone who demeans, belittles or bullies any contestant, title holder, or Rose Dynasty member or the foundation its self. This also goes for the current title holder as well.
  4. The winner must not misrepresent, demean, belittle or bully the Miss Rose Dynasty Pageant or Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc.
  5. Winner must represent Miss Rose Dynasty and Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc. on social media and in public and must adhere to the rules, regulations and contract.
  6. Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc reserves the right to make any decision concerning any matter that may or may not be covered by these Rules and Regulations.
  7. Rose Dynasty Foundation Inc. reserves the right to tag and promote the winner at any time they deem necessary.

Category Rules

Fundraiser Bucket Contest:

(10 Points)

This category is based on raising money for the foundation you choose to work with though the year. There will be a bucket with your name on it and the amount of money that is raised that night will be totaled and the placement will be sorted into who made the most. Please note you can start raising money when you submit your application, and money turned in the day of the pageant will count toward the monies raised. Scores will be given as follows: 10pts for highest money raised then 8pts for second, 6pts for Third, 4pts for Forth, 2pts for Fifth and 0pts for anyone else after.

ALL contestants will have a check written in their name going to the charity of their choosing. The check will be send to the charity from Rose Dynasty Foundation inc/ contestant. The charity must be a 501c3 charity and must be presented at the time of application. If Rose Dynasty Foundation deems the charity illegal or not fit for the founds, We will have the right to refuse and request you choose a different charity.

Interview Rules:

(40 points: 10 points for each Question: 10 points Speaking ability, 10 points Answering Question Fully, 10 points Connection with the judges, 10 points Presentation)

This category is to learn more about who you are as a performer and a person, and what you can bring to Rose Dynasty.

  • Contestant should come dressed representing their everyday self. 
  • Contestant is not required to come dressed in drag
  • This category will last up to 5 Minutes
  • Must be ready and on time or points will be deducted for every minute late. 

Presentation Rules:

(40 points: 30 creative, 10 neatness)

Category – show us your best and creative “Rose” (Flower)

  • Must be family friendly; no foul language or sexually explicit content.
  • No longer than 2 minutes (with a 3 min set up allotted)
  • Props must be safe; no open flames or dangerous equipment
  • No mess left on stage. (No confetti, water, sand, food, powder or anything sticky) 
  • Be creative show us what you have to offer 

Talent Rules:

(50 points: 20 Creative Value of Talent 20 Quality (lip synch/live vocal/ medium of talent used), 10 Technical (costuming/dancers/props/Set and use of stage, etc.)

Talent must be family friendly; no foul language, no nudity or sexually explicit content.

  • Talent must be between 3-5 min, no more than 5 minutes 

           (with a 3 min set up allotted)

  • Props must be safe; no open flames or dangerous equipment
  • No mess left on stage. (No confetti, water, sand, food, powder or anything sticky)
  • Be creative show us what you have to offer
  • You will be judged on time, creativity, originality

Evening Gown Rules:

(40 points: 20 technicalities of the gown, 10 proper use of hair and accessories, 10 Modeling )

  • Gown must be clean and fit properly
  • Hair and make-up must be presentable
  • Jewelry must be complementing  

Question and Answer:

(20 points: 10 did they answer the question, 10 did they speak clearly and got their point across, contestants will have up to 60 seconds to answer)

Will take place during the evening gown portion

  • Questions will be chosen by Rose Dynasty
  • Language must be family friendly free of sexual content and cursing
  • Contestant will have 60 seconds to answer the question