St Pete Pride Parade 2018!

It may have only been the first week of summer, but June 24 brought 90+ temps for us to decorate our float and wait for the St. Pete Pride Parade to begin. It was a long, sweltering day and the parade was slow to start (we started decorating at 4:30 p.m. and ended the parade after 10 p.m.) but it was such a great success and wonderful experience. As we started down the parade route and saw the thousands lined up that had been waiting in the heat all day just to celebrate and see us, it gave everyone a second wind. We all danced, waved, and yelled. Some of us walked the parade route, hugging folks and giving them high fives. We passed out over 500 “Loved Accepted Wanted” bracelets! Just as the parade was about to end for us, the fireworks over the bay started. It was such a magical end to our day. St. Pete Pride was a huge celebration of love and we can’t wait to participate again next year.

Of course, this could not have been possible without Jolly Time Llc Fence Installation and Repairs. They generously donated the trailer and drove us in the parade using one of their trucks. Thank you Angi Schearer for helping connect us and making this happen. We also want to thank all of our volunteers and riders; Scott DeShazo, Momma’s drag daughters Madeline and Jessie Mae Rose, the O’Brien Rothmann family, the Cameron family, Keaton Hannen, and Kandye Tucker.

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